Will You Help Me Save 300 Lives?

Will you help me save 300 lives?

As a fashion and wildlife photographer, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world while pursuing my passion of trying to save wildlife animal through my photography. I was questioned why I traveled to the Arctic to photograph wildlife in jeopardy, or even to France and Norway to photograph horses when we have beautiful horses here in North Dakota. This is when I was brought to meet Frank Kuntz and his 300 horses.

Frank, a Vietnam War veteran, has dedicated his life to the survival of this horse breed in fact Frank credits them directly in helping him to heal upon his return home from war. Today, he is fighting his own survival in the fight against cancer. It won’t be long before Frank is unable to care for his horses. The lives of these Nokota horses are now at risk.

This is why I decided to create our feature film Vanishing Knowledge to share Frank’s and the story of his horses. Originally, it was to be a documentary but after five failed attempts I decided to switch from a documentary to a feature film. The sixth time was a lucky charm for us and I believe we have a beautiful film that does justice to these horses and Frank’s story.

Their story is ready to be shared with the world. All I ask is for you to share and bring awareness about this film with your friends and family.

49% of all proceeds from this film will go towards taking care of the 300 Nokota horses.

Thank you,

Ejaz Khan