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Frank Kuntz, a Vietnam War veteran, has spent his entire life-preserving a unique herd of 300 horses which are very useful for human therapy. Due to Frank’s cancer from the effects of agent orange during the Vietnam War, he is finding it extremely difficult to provide for these horses as he did in the past. At this point, the doctors aren’t giving Frank much time to live. The question is – how can Frank ensure the survival of this breed when his time is limited? Will You Help Us Save 300 Lives?

Directed by Ejaz Khan. We welcome you to view his stunning horse pictures and black and white fine art photography.





Anyone who spends time with horses knows what beautiful and intelligent creatures they are. Some of us may have started asking our parents for a pony when we were children or were obsessed with horse movies or cute horse pictures. Oftentimes we learn that horses are great teachers and companions to humans. The shame is that many people may never get to experience time with a horse for themselves. Instead, horse movies help bridge that gap and bring people closer to the magic of horses themselves. 

There have been many indie movies about cute horses and one may have sparked your interest in horses. The horse movies a lot of us grew up watching typically showed the inseparable bond between horses and their humans. There is much we have to learn from our animal counterparts and indie movies do a great job of highlighting this. So exactly what is an indie movie? Short for “independent”, indie movie is a cultural term used to describe a movie that was made by people outside of mainstream studios. This gives filmmakers the chance to deviate from certain popular styles and content. There is more freedom to craft indie movies that are more true to the vision of the people behind the scenes. Now that we’ve answered the question: what is an indie movie, we can delve into the position of horses in indie movies.

Because of where they started, indie movies tend to have a certain aesthetic. They tell stories that bigger studios may not. They allow for creativity and expression, both of which are non-negotiable when it comes to telling authentic stories. And here we find some of the best spaces for telling stories of the voiceless, the overlooked and  even mistreated. Cute horses have had better luck than many animals. Cute horse pictures help paint them a better public image than cows or pigs, but they still have stories that show how they are really treated. Horse movies tend to tell stories of perseverance, loyalty, compassion and strength. While the morals are universal, horse movies may be overlooked by less interested mainstream audiences. So while the cute horses may not always be enough to get people to pay attention, filmmakers can work to get the audience’s attention. Some of the most important issues are difficult to talk about or might fit the expectations set up by countless horse wall art pictures. The romatised animals we love so much as a society are often treated with utter disregard and cruelty. It can be difficult to come to terms with, especially when our everyday decisions can affect other creatures. The image of the cute horse is paralleled by the reality of the lives of horses in the world today through many films and documentaries. So what is an indie film and what can it do to help horses? It is a film that is bold enough to show the truth of the lives of horses and what we’re responsible for. The rest lies in the hands of the viewer and what they do with that truth.



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As you can see throughout our film, horses are so kind and caring towards people. After meeting with many horse lovers, riders, owners, here is a list of the TOP 10 reasons why horses make the best pets!

1. Reducing stress

All pets from dogs to cats and also fish to birds can reduce our stress by merely being in their presence. Being around horses gives one a peaceful state of mind as they are very tranquil. Roaming around nature with ease, they teach us to slow things down. Even looking at horse images can reduce your stress. We must enjoy what mother nature has provided us and not take it for granted.